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Book Manufacturing is the total reproduction of the publisher’s and designer’s concept into a tangible example of the quality and professionalism of your company. The Courtyard’s continued commitment to provide the highest quality product to the publishing community is supported by a wide spectrum of value-added services. They include our newest division, digital printing service, which can provide you with ultra short run quantities for such things as market testing,  Prepublishing services (copyright, ISBN, LOC, barcodes, etc.), editorial services, design (including custom cover and text), printing/binding, eBooks and distribution services. To set up a free consultation email us or call 828-273-3332

The Courtyard Gallery is happy to announce that the Black Mountain Press is housed in its new expanded galery space. Authors of book length poetry, short story collections, novels, and creative non-fiction are encouraged to submit their manuscripts for consideration this literary publisher or enter the bi-annual literary contests.

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